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sorrento.jpg (16096 byte)A splendid and famous holiday resort, Sorrento stands on a terrace rising steeply above the sea on one of the most spectacular points of the Campanian coast. Because of its enchanting position and mild climate, sheltered by the surrounding hills, Sorrento has been a favorite resort since Romans times, (Agrippa, Augustus and Antonius all had villas here) and it became an elite tourist resort from the eighteenth century, its hotels welcoming such luminaries as Ibsen, Wagner and Nietzche.

The high position above the sea and the consequent absence of a true sea promenade create its extremely original nature. In fact, the port, the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, picturesque bays with a beach and the harbour, are reached by steps and narrow alleys, which offer panoramic views of incomparable beauty of the coast, the surrounding hills covered in olive-groves and citrus fruit trees, and the crystal-clear sea. Linked to the enchanting beauty of the place is the tradition whereby the name of Sorrento originates from the mythical mermaids whose soft singing tempted Ulysses and his crew in the Odyssey. The site on which the town stands, probably founded by the Greek colonies, was already inhabited in prehistoric times.

sorrento.jpg (16096 byte)The town is situated at 26Km from the A3 Napoli-Salerno, with exit at the tollgate of Castellammare di Stabia and proceeding on the national S.S. 145 Sorrentina.
The nearest station is the Circumvesuviana on the Sorrento-Napoli line. There are daily runs to Naples (38 daily runs in summer time and 38 in winter time), to Pompei ruins (38 daily runs in summer time and 38 in winter time) and to the Ercolano ruins (38 in summer time and 38 in winter time). The town can also be reached by public bus-line of SITA on the Sorrento-Salerno line with runs to Positano (13 daily runs in summer time and 13 runs in winter time), to Amalfi (13 daily runs in summer time and 13 runs in winter time) and to Salerno (12 daily runs in summer time and 12 runs in winter time). It is possible to get to Sorrento by sea with departures from the dock of Marina Piccola. Connections to Naples should also be provided (38 daily runs in summer time and 14 daily runs in winter time), to Capri (33 daily runs in summer time and 33 runs in winter time), to Ischia (8 runs in summer time and 8 runs in winter time).

Architectural assets

Situated in the historical site it is the only remaining testimony in Campania of the old noble seats and dates back to the XVIth century. It has a quadrilateral form with two corner arches in pirerno (lava). The end of the walls and the interior of the cupola (1600) displays XVIIIth century frescoes.


wpe2.jpg (2645 byte)CATHEDRAL IN ROMANIC STYLE
Cathedral of the XVth century. Presents a marble portal (1474) in Renaissance style surmounted by the Aragonese escutcheon. The church houses an archbishop throne in fine marbles of 1573, and a wooden marquetry work of Sorrentine craftsmen and of the Neapolintan school of the 1700s. The Belltower is of the Romanic era (XI